Covino Environmental Associates Inc., Woburn, MA... Building Sciences (Asbestos, Lead, PCB's, Mercury, etc), Microbial Services (Mold), Industrial Hygiene, Indoor Air Quality & Laboratory Ventilation... Servicing The Boston Area & New England

Covino Environmental Associates, Inc. • 300 Wildwood Ave.Woburn MA 01801 Phone: 781.933.2555  Fax: 781.932.9402 E-Mail
Building Sciences (Asbestos, Lead, PCB's, Mercury, etc)
• Comprehensive Building Inspections
• Operations and Maintenance Programs
• Abatement Design, Oversight and Management
• Abatement Project Monitoring Services
• OSHA compliance Surveys
• Awareness Training
• AHERA Compliance
• Emergency Response
• Accredited Asbestos Analytical Laboratory
• XRF Lead Paint Testing

Inspection of supply air shaft in
office building
Asbestos cement cooling tower 
on the roof of a building


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